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Concero offers innovative recruiting solutions tailored to any sales hiring need and timeline. Our solutions empower talent acquisition teams and hiring managers to hire the best sales talent quickly and to ensure revenue goals are hit


Hiring never sleeps – especially in times of unplanned, high-volume hiring. Ensure your company’s sales hiring never misses a beat and your revenue goals are met on time.

Recruitment On-Demand

A unique and flexible solution designed to fill the gap when your hiring needs exceed your internal capacity to deliver. If you’re hit with unplanned, high-volume growth, our team of experts can quickly deploy to either supplement an already existing talent acquisition team or to act as your team entirely. Either way, we’re a direct extension of your company. We ensure every recruiting function is covered by an expert by modeling our delivery approach after a sales organization – from research to lead generation to senior account executives. Because technology sales recruiting is all we do, we’re able to quickly ramp up and deliver in a short amount of time. Our process is transparent with frequent, detailed reporting and interaction with your internal resources. Best of all, we deliver real value to your company by:

  • Maximizing time-to-revenue
  • Reducing cost per hire
  • Increasing candidate flow

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Sometimes your sales hiring is planned out, but your ability to deliver is uncertain because you lack resources or experience. Guarantee your talent acquisition team is fully staffed with industry veterans and ready for anything that comes its way.

Contract Recruiting

A strategic solution that seamlessly integrates experienced recruiting resources into your team when you find yourself flat-footed during periods of planned hiring. Our team of contract sales recruiters offer unmatched experience, sales talent networks, and professionalism. Whether it’s helping to run an internal talent acquisition team to interfacing with sales hiring managers to recruiting the best external candidates, our recruiters are highly skilled and capable of representing your company. Given that sales recruiting is all our recruiters do, their ramp time is minimized providing an immediate impact on hiring and offering real ROI in the following areas:

  • Minimizing time-to-hire
  • Reducing cost per hire

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Data driven hiring can mean the difference between winning and losing the competition for top talent. We have a solution to arm in-house talent acquisition with the information edge they need to win the competition for talent.


A powerful solution to provide the information you need to make informed hiring decisions and to extend your brand awareness with top sales talent. Our team of data consultants can help you gather timely market feedback on candidate availability, compensation, and sentiment of your company. In addition, we offer robust, transparent, and intuitive reporting that feed into both non-existent and already existing metric-driven hiring plans. In cases where you have all the data you need, but are struggling to connect with candidates, we provide candidate list building services that allow your team to quickly reach candidates while focusing on what they do best – recruiting. Our consulting team provides you measurable value with:

  • Driving brand awareness with candidates
  • Developing market insights
  • Increasing candidate flow

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