Employing the best talent starts by building the best team. At Concero, our crew is fueled by expertise and passion for the industry. Each member uses their knowledge and flexibility to support dynamic approaches and provide clients with high-quality, tailored outcomes. We don’t live by a script, we live for the work we do that guarantees success – for our clients and ourselves.


As Concero CEO and Founder, Amy has proven to be a fearless yet compassionate leader throughout her career. Her ability to be quick and decisive when navigating challenging situations is a testament to her strong entrepreneurial work ethic.

With over 25 years of experience, Amy brings a broad understanding of the Recruitment Industry with a full spectrum of learnings from her time starting as a staffing consultant in a permanent placement agency to working as a key member of the executive recruiting team.

Danielle Nakatsuji

Vice President, Executive Recruiting
Danielle is known amongst her colleagues as a connector, constantly building relationships with new and existing clients. Her other passion? Her furry friends, including her Instagram-worthy bulldog, Otis.

Julia DeVries

Director, Technical Recruiting
Julia leads our technical recruiting team out of the Chicago office! When she's not hunting down the industry's top tech talent, you can find her dominating the pool table or jamming out to the Rolling Stones.

Dana Constantineau

Director, Executive Recruiting
Dana is an absolute pro when it comes to engaging top talent for our clients. No matter how challenging the task, she always answers the bell. Dana carries her incredible work ethic over to her spin classes, whether she's at the gym or at home.

Kristen Wieseckel

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Kristen’s wit and hilarious sense of humor is always bringing joy to the office. When she's not creating meaningful connection at the office, Kristen is watching her kids play sports or enjoying a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Abby Isaacson

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Abby has become an invaluable asset at the Chicago office. In her free time she enjoys whipping up delicious meals, like her favorite pasta with vodka sauce. When you want to talk about Harry Potter, Abby is there for you.

Kerri Vincent

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Kerri is an energetic and versatile recruiter who prides herself on creating an outstanding candidate and hiring manager experience. When she's not killing it for her clients, you can find Kerri enjoying the great outdoors, by running or horseback riding.

Kristen Byrne

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Kristen is always bringing the energy. Her enthusiasm for connecting the candidates and clients she works with is unmatched. When Kristen isn't recruiting, you can find her at the closest dance party or catching some sun at the beach.

Sarah Shoemaker

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Sarah is exceptional at building strong relationships with candidates and her clients, providing them with timely and creative insights. She's at her happiest when she's kayaking on her favorite rivers and lakes.

Ryan Baranik

Senior Recruitment Consultant
No matter how difficult the task, Ryan always gets the job done while maintaining Concero's reputation for excellence. When Ryan isn't killing it for his clients, you can find him at the golf course or enjoying a good book.

Issy Pelletier

Recruitment Consultant
Issy's passion to strive for excellence and build relationships with her co-workers, candidates and clients has made her an extremely productive member of the team. However, she still finds time to enjoy the beach and her favorite reality shows.

Lisa Tis

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Lisa is are star finder recruiter! When she is not working her 9-5, you can find her playing tennis!

Christian Galvez

Recruitment Consultant
Christian's excitement and passion for recruiting is infectious to everyone around him. When Christian isn't connecting with the best talent across the nation, you can find him playing 18 holes at the closest golf course.

Tyler Knell

Recruitment Consultant
Tyler is an experienced Technical Recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. In his free time, Tyler loves spending time with his friends and family while enjoying a refreshing Old Fashioned.

Austin Voeller

Recruitment Consultant
Austin's passion and devotion to recruiting always impresses his colleagues and long list of happy clients. When Austin takes a break from the daily grind, he enjoys boating and sipping on a refreshing beverage out on the lake.

Will Koenig

Recruitment Consultant
Will never stops when it comes to finding the most qualified candidates for the best organizations in the software industry. Outside the office, you can find Will swimming laps at a pool near you.

Mason Gollata

Mason showcases his strong work ethic on a daily basis. When he’s not going the extra mile for his clients, Mason is jamming out to Kanye West or planning his Bucks NBA Finals watch party.

Emma Salman

Emma prides herself on finding the best-of-the-best in the software industry. When she's not successfully hunting down new prospects, Emma loves to be out on the water hanging out with friends or enjoying a great book.

Adam Stefanik

Adam is our Margherita Pizza loving, Aaron Rodger look-a-like recruiter! When he is not working to find the right person for the right job, you can find him camping!

Chris Arenz

Senior Vice President
Chris is our plane-flying, Star Wars loving leader. His expertise, along with his charismatic personality, make this former fighter pilot the ultimate Concero team leader.

Amy Hudson

Representing the Chicago team, Amy loves to play guitar and sing to her favorite Modest Mouse song! Her kind, genuine personality is one of the many things we always look forward to.

Kenzie Carroll

Data Specialist
Kenzie brings a hard-working, upbeat attitude that makes her the ultimate team player at Concero. Her motivation and drive is present in the outstanding work she produces for her team.

Jessica Hager

Jessica's determination motivates everyone around her. The personalized support she provides her clients is a testament to her strong work ethic and caring personality. When it's time to relax, Jessica has been known to take full advantage of a day at the shore.

Macy Ostrand

Business Operations Analyst
You know you're going to have a great day if you get to talk with Macy. Her caring personality is reflected in the incredible work she does for her clients and colleagues, leading to her many successes out in Denver.

Katie McDonald

Katie utilizes her expansive recruiting background to deliver the very best candidates for her clients. However, recruiting isn't the only thing she excels at. Katie is a master chef that isn't afraid to get creative in the kitchen.

Jodi Vanden Heuvel

Director, Business Operations
Jodi is truly a jack of all trades. Whether it's mitigating financial and operational risks or cheering the Badgers on at Camp Randall, Jodi's ability adapt to different situations is an incredible asset.

Smart, quirky, motivated, fun, experienced, creative, and competitive – all words that describe our one-of-a-kind Concero team. Our 25 years of software industry and recruiting experience pairs with a desire to win every day, making us a leader in our field. Plus, we attract the best talent in the recruiting industry to provide clients with the highest-quality services using the most powerful tools. At Concero, we won’t settle for anything but the best –– for our team and our clients.