Employing the best talent starts by building the best team. At Concero, our crew is fueled by expertise and passion for the industry. Each member uses their knowledge and flexibility to support dynamic approaches and provide clients with high-quality, tailored outcomes. We don’t live by a script, we live for the work we do that guarantees success – for our clients and ourselves.


As Concero CEO and Founder, Amy has proven to be a fearless yet compassionate leader throughout her career. Her ability to be quick and decisive when navigating challenging situations is a testament to her strong entrepreneurial work ethic.

With over 25 years of experience, Amy brings a broad understanding of the Recruitment Industry with a full spectrum of learnings from her time starting as a staffing consultant in a permanent placement agency to working as a key member of the executive recruiting team.

Dana Constantineau

Vice President, Recruiting
Dana champions our Crew and our clients. She shows up ready to roll up her sleeves and tackle any challenge brought to her. Outside of work, she is cheering on her kids and caring for their family pets.

Amy Johnston

Director, Recruiting
Amy leads her team with a graceful balance of grit, determination, and compassion. She embraces our value to "Be a Bad-Ass" at work and on weekends when she cruises on her Harley!

Kristen Wieseckel

Lead Talent Partner
Kristen is serious about recruiting the best talent for her clients, but knows how to keep us smiling through it all. When she isn’t making us laugh, she is supporting her kids’ sports activities and spending time with her family.

Abby Isaacson

Lead Talent Partner
Abby is an invaluable asset on our Crew. She can find the best talent and has a thoughtful approach in streamlining processes, no matter how complicated. In her free time she whips up delicious vegetarian meals and share her favorite recipes with us

Meghan Munzel

Lead Talent Partner
Meghan runs trails the way she runs reqs - fast, smooth, and with a smile on her face! She is a true partner to our clients and doesn't back down from any challenge!

Greg Jenkins

Lead Talent Partner
Greg’s work ethic is inspired by his favorite quote - “The view is always better from the high road”. He applies that mindset to his client work and when collaborating with his colleagues.

Kristen Byrne

Strategic Talent Partner
Kristen brings great energy to work everyday. Her enthusiasm for connecting the candidates and clients she works with is unmatched. When Kristen isn't recruiting, you can find her having a blast on fun adventures with her family.

Will Koenig

Client Talent Partner
Will is both relentless and thoughtful in his approach to finding the most qualified candidates for his clients. He always knows how to bring a smile to our faces and he enjoys spending time with family and friends from coast to coast.

Christian Galvez

Strategic Talent Partner
Christian passion for recruiting is infectious. When he isn’t connecting with the best candidates across the country, he is regaling us with his stories of his favorite hires or playing golf.

Nick Bell

Strategic Talent Partner
No one embodies our Be Your True Self value more than Nick, which is why clients and candidates alike love working with him!

Sarah Sewell

Client Talent Partner
Sarah values open, constant communication which makes her a strong partner for our clients. When she isn't building relationships at work, she is spending time with her family or playing volleyball with friends!

Mason Gollata

Sourcing Partner
Mason showcases his strong work ethic on a daily basis. He is our go-to guy for sourcing and an expert on our tools. When he’s not going the extra mile for his clients and coworkers, Mason is screening the newest Marvel movie or cheering on his favorite WI sports teams.

Jessica Hager

Candidate Talent Partner
Jess has a caring personality that enables her to provide personalized support to her candidates and clients. When she is not wearing her recruiting hat, you can find her wearing gardening gloves caring for her plants, singing along to Taylor Swift.

Marci Dubler

Client Talent Partner
Marci enjoys the finer things in life: a glass of rosé, a great charcuterie board, and recruiting top talent for her clients.

Sally Oberfield

Client Talent Partner
Sally loves the smell of lavender, the taste of a French 75, and the thrill of placing a great candidate. She dreams of being a chef, and will even do the dishes — as long as somebody else puts them away!

Woody Jamiel

Candidate Talent Partner
Woody loves that no two days are the same in recruiting. His superpower is his ability to connect with candidates in creative ways.

Christina Hart

Candidate Talent Partner
Christina is the ultimate host. Whether she is engaging with candidates or inviting friends and family to her home, she is warm and thoughtful in all her interactions.

Matt Gilles

Talent Associate
Matt is friendly, sociable, and brings the same approach to recruiting as he does to his golf game - with passion, patience, precision, and adaptability!

Lacy Bramble

Talent Associate
Lacy is a master multitasker. She brings positive energy to whatever she is doing and if you don’t have a smile, she’ll give you hers.

Danielle Nakatsuji

Client Project Manager
Danielle applies years of recruiting to her strategic, intuitive approach that gives our clients and Crew the best experience working together to find great talent.

Jayda Couch

Head of People & Culture
Jayda's radiant spirit and creative solutions safeguard Concero's values. If you ever score an invite to one of her magical garden parties, keep her favorite quote in mind: "The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." She may have stashed a Gin Gin candy (her fav) under your seat!

Chris Arenz

Senior Vice President
Chris is our plane-flying, Star Wars loving leader. His expertise, along with his charismatic personality, make this former fighter pilot the ultimate Concero team leader.

Smart, quirky, motivated, fun, experienced, creative, and competitive – all words that describe our one-of-a-kind Concero team. Our 25 years of software industry and recruiting experience pairs with a desire to win every day, making us a leader in our field. Plus, we attract the best talent in the recruiting industry to provide clients with the highest-quality services using the most powerful tools. At Concero, we won’t settle for anything but the best –– for our team and our clients.