For us, business is personal, and one size never fits all. We have transformed the traditional staffing/recruiting model to develop Recruitment On-Demand®: Concero’s trademarked, team-based solution to help growing organizations win the talent war. This tailored process offers our keen attention to detail, software industry and recruiting expertise and a passion for developing highly personal relationships with our clients AND talent. These facets position Concero – and our clients – above industry competitors.

Step 1: Getting to Know our Client

Our first priority is understanding our clients inside and out. Because we live and breathe the software industry, we are able to speak the same language as our clients, ensuring consistent communication and branding both internally and with prospects. The secret to our success is an ability to seamlessly integrate our team into a client’s company by becoming educated and experts on your business objectives and goals. At Concero, we take your business challenges seriously and we find a way to solve them – focused on attracting the best fitting candidate for you.

Step 2: Putting the Team into Action

After linking with our client and their business, we begin the process of building out a laser focused strategy to launch the recruiting process. Using our consultative approach, the Concero team deep dives into each project alongside the client, learning about every role and pinpointing the highest priority positions.

Rather than using individual recruiters who work independently and rely on per-position, contingent contracts to fill vacancies, Concero provides our clients with a full team of recruiters, sourcers and researchers. These experts work in concert to provide a complete solution and reduce your time-to-hire. Armed with an insider’s point of view on our client’s culture, values, and priorities, we are able to work quickly and efficiently to attract the most talented, desirable prospects.

Step 3: Flex and Adjust

The flexible design of Recruitment On-Demand® is built to scale with our clients, whether they are experiencing steady growth or unplanned, high-volume hiring. While we set an initial number of roles to tackle at once, we fill these positions continually on a rolling basis. Once a hire is made and a position is filled, we then bring next-priority roles up in the queue with no additional placement fee, thanks to our Recruitment-as-a-Service™ monthly subscription-based payment model.


This feature is unique from contingent agencies, who charge clients high base-salary percentage fees for each and every hire. At Concero, we continue filling open positions in the queue without hesitation, up to the agreed upon number of simultaneous roles, with no additional cost to our clients. Companies are able to meet their hiring goals with a reduced cost-per-hire that streamlines the hiring process and provides quick results on the most critical positions.

Other key features of the Recruitment On-Demand® model include:

  • Talent Mapping & Market Feedback: With data-driven approaches created using our industry leading talent acquisition platform, we analyze the talent pool and current market trends to establish a solution that increases candidate flow. We also use a constant feedback loop built with our clients to make real-time adjustments based on prospect market intelligence.
  • 5-Touch Approach®: Concero extends our outreach efforts far beyond what typical contingent agencies can afford to offer. We reach out to each prospect no less than five times through multiple channels before we disengage. Pairing this approach with compelling messaging developed during the initial intake process allows us to effectively bring your organization more qualified, informed and interested candidates.
  • 3X-Pipeline®: As part of our Recruitment On-Demand® service offering, Concero will guarantee your company three highly qualified, interested & motivated candidates to fill each position you assign us. It takes us only 15 days after our intake call to fill your candidate pipeline with a large selection of qualified candidates.
  • Reporting: Unlike contingent agencies, Concero is proud to deliver weekly reports to our clients. These data-driven updates keep the hiring process transparent by giving clients a real-time, honest view of prospect activity, candidate response rate, the makeup of the talent pipeline, and other valuable metrics. This data showcases the impeccable efficiency of our recruiting efforts.