A. Welcome Statement

On behalf of Concero Search Partners, LLC, (“Concero” or “the Company”), let us extend a warm and sincere welcome. We are delighted that you have chosen to join our organization and hope that you will enjoy a long and successful career with us. We understand that it is our employees who provide the services upon which our clients rely. We believe that each employee contributes directly to Concero’s growth and success. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.

This Handbook was developed to describe the policies, programs, and benefits available to eligible employees. It is important to read, understand, and comply with all provisions of the handbook. All provisions of this Handbook are drafted to be compliant with federal and Wisconsin law. For employees who work in other states, there may be state-specific addendum/a to cover state specific provisions that may differ from Wisconsin provisions. Further, all policies and procedures stated within this Handbook apply except as otherwise required by an applicable state or local law. Please see Human Resources for further information regarding specific state addendums provided only to employees in the applicable state.
Please take time to review the information contained in this handbook. If you have questions, feel free to ask your manager or to contact Human Resources.

We hope that your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. Again, welcome to the Concero Crew!

B. Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Concero is a leading recruitment consulting firm specializing in recruiting Go-To-Market and Technical software talent for high-growth, private and publicly listed technology companies. We are built on the idea that successful companies are the product of world-class talent. We exist to help our clients streamline their recruiting efforts to reduce costs, hire quickly and competitively, and to attract world-class talent. Our uniquely designed service offerings, singular focus on sourcing Go-To-Market and Technical talent within the software industry, and team of highly experienced recruiters combine to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ recruiting efforts and to ensure their success. We truly are our clients’ biggest fans.

Our services include: Recruitment On-Demand™, Contract Recruiting, and Consulting to achieve the following measurable outcomes:

  • Maximizing time-to-revenue
  • Reducing cost per hire
  • Increasing candidate flow
  • Minimizing time-to-hire
  • Driving brand awareness with candidates
  • Developing market insights
  • Increasing candidate flow

Concero is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with the majority of our employees working remotely in other states. We are proud to have been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America in 2016 and 2017 by Inc. 5000.

C. Mission, Vision & Core Values

Concero’s Mission, Vision and Core Values are the foundation of who we are collectively as a company. These statements illustrate to our employees and clients alike what is important to us and summarizes the beliefs, philosophies and principals that drive our business.


Relentlessly recruit the best talent for our nationwide software clients. We help our partners scale through our innovative consultative model.

Accelerate software industry growth by disrupting the traditional recruiting model globally.

Core Values:

Humility Through Humor
– We find common ground through laughter. Our job is challenging, and we push ourselves to be the best; but it’s a hell of a lot more fun when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Do What’s Right, Not What’s Eas
y – Accountability driven by integrity and honesty is central to our work. We put the best interest of our clients at the forefront. We honor our commitments and deliver.

Stir Things Up
– We dare to take risks that create change. We aren’t afraid to have an opinion and speak up if we see a way to improve. We’re agile and nimble, always ready to pivot in a new direction.

Be Your True Self
– We are authentic, always – with ourselves and our clients. We don’t pretend to be people we aren’t. We lead with sincerity, which includes being open about our strengths and weaknesses.

Give A Shit
– We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for. We are hungry for the next challenge and drive to succeed.

Be A Bad Ass
– Obstacles are part of the job, but we push through them with grit and determination. What we do is hard, but with confidence and perseverance we get it done.

We’re Family
– Caring, professionally and personally, for each other and our clients is central to who we are. We engage authentically to build meaningful relationships. Like family, we may not always agree, but we always have each other’s back.

D. Culture

Smart, motivated, curious, thoughtful, and collaborative – all words we use to describe ourselves. Because great talent doesn’t recruit itself, our team is relentless about recruiting and ensuring our clients success. As part of the Concero Crew you will develop professionally within a fast-paced, dynamic environment, stay up to date with the latest software and technology trends, as well as provide significant contributions to Concero’s future growth. Our crew is made up of fun, creative individuals who are passionate about providing high-quality candidates and services to our clients. While we are serious about recruiting, we’re also serious about having fun together and building meaningful relationships with each other.

D. Employment at Will

Please know, this is an at-will employment relationship. That means that either one of us can end the relationship at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. Neither this Handbook nor any policy or document you may sign while employed with us creates a contract of employment, express or implied, and none of the policies and practices described in this Handbook are meant to imply that Concero is guaranteeing employment for anyone. Additionally, interpretation and implementation of any of the policies and practices in this Handbook are solely within Concero’s discretion. Concero reserves the exclusive right to end or make any changes to benefits, perks or related policies at any time in accordance with applicable law. This Handbook should be treated as confidential and should not be disclosed to others without a “need to know.”

This Handbook supersedes and replaces any and all personnel policies and manuals previously distributed or made available to employees.

F. Equal Employment Opportunity

Concero is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to equal opportunities for all employees and applicants and a work environment in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity. It is our policy to be inclusive, to seek and employ the most diverse and qualified personnel in all positions, to provide equal opportunity for advancement to all employees, including with regard to recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, promotion, training, discipline and termination, and to administer these activities in a manner that will not discriminate against or give preference to any person because of their actual or perceived race, color, religion, age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, disability, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, pregnancy, military or veteran status or arrest or conviction record, physical appearance, political beliefs, student status, source of income, credit history, citizenship, genetic identity, receipt of rental assistance, unemployed status, non-religion, homelessness or any other discriminatory basis prohibited by applicable local, state and federal law. Concero expressly prohibits any form of unlawful employee harassment or discrimination based on any of the protected classes mentioned above, or any others prohibited by applicable law.

G. Commitment to Diversity
Concero is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. This commitment is embodied in Company policy and the way we do business at Concero and is a guiding principle for our business management.

H. Respectful Workplace Policy

We are committed to maintaining a workplace environment free from all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination or intimidation based upon actual or perceived inclusion in the protected classes noted above in our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, or any other discriminatory basis prohibited by applicable local, state and federal law. Workplace harassment or discrimination of employees or applicants by Concero, its agents, managers, supervisors, employees, vendors, suppliers, clients or any work-related third party is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Likewise, Concero does not condone any kind of harassment or discrimination of third parties by its employees.

Workplace harassment, discrimination, or intimidation includes behaviors, comments, actions, contacts, or threats related to an employee’s inclusion or perceived inclusion in any protected class, where such conduct affects employment decisions, interferes with work performance, or creates a hostile or offensive work environment. Submission to sexual advances or requests for sexual favors cannot be made an explicit or implicit term or condition of employment, nor can the submission to, or rejection of, such conduct be made the basis for an employment decision.

Workplace harassment, discrimination, or intimidation can take place virtually, in person, verbally, in writing, or by any other means. Concero will not tolerate any form of harassment on the basis of a protected class, regardless of whether it is:

  • Verbal (for example: epithets, derogatory statements, stereotyping, slurs, or jokes)
  • Physical (for example: assault or inappropriate physical contact)
  • Visual (for example: displaying inappropriate posters, cartoons, or drawings, leering, or making sexual gestures)
  • Online (for example: derogatory statements or sexually suggestive postings in any social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

Courteous, mutually respectful, pleasant, and non-coercive interactions between employees or parties that are acceptable to and welcome by both parties are not considered to be harassment.

All employees will be held responsible and accountable for eliminating prohibited conduct. Should you feel that you or anyone else at Concero has been subjected to workplace harassment, discrimination, or intimidation, you should contact any manager, Human Resources, or the CEO. Managers must report any complaints of misconduct.

All complaints will be thoroughly and promptly investigated by qualified personnel in an impartial and efficient manner. All reports of harassment, discrimination, or intimidation will be taken seriously, regardless of the format or method of the complaint.

Complaints will be treated as confidential to the fullest extent possible. Unless otherwise advised by Concero, any employee that participates in the investigation of a complaint must keep the information disclosed, shared, or learned during the course of the investigation completely confidential. We do not intend any investigation confidentiality rules to violate your rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

If an investigation confirms that a violation of this policy has occurred, we will take immediate, appropriate, and proportionate action, up to and including termination of employment. Likewise, appropriate action will be taken against any third party who it is determined violated this policy by harassing, discriminating, or intimidating a Concero employee or applicant.

We forbid retaliation against anyone for reporting harassment, discrimination, or intimidation, or for cooperating in the investigation of a complaint. Any such retaliation violates this policy. Complaints or concerns of retaliation should be reported in the same manner as harassment or discrimination complaints. Any questions about this policy can be directed to Human Resources.

I. Reasonable Accommodations

Concero complies with all applicable federal, state, and local fair employment practices laws and is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities. Consistent with this commitment, we will provide a reasonable accommodation to applicants and employees with disabilities that allows the individual to perform the essential functions of the job, unless doing so would create an undue hardship for Concero.
Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation/Interactive Dialogue
If you believe you have a physical or mental health condition affecting your ability to perform your essential job functions, please contact Human Resources, either verbally or in writing. We will engage in an interactive dialogue process with you to obtain necessary information, which may include information from a health care provider; to determine if you have a qualifying disability; and to assess what, if any, reasonable accommodations should and can be made. In some cases, Concero may initiate the interactive dialogue process. The following information is reviewed as part of the interactive dialogue process:

  • Identification of your physical or mental health condition affecting your ability to perform your essential job functions
  • A description of the accommodation you are requesting
  • The reason you need an accommodation
  • How the accommodation will help you perform the essential functions of your job

Please bear in mind that Concero is not required to make the specific accommodation requested by you or your health care provider and may provide an alternative, effective accommodation, to the extent any reasonable accommodation can be made without imposing an undue hardship on Concero.

No Retaliation
Concero will not retaliate against any employee or applicant for requesting an accommodation in good faith, and we expressly prohibit any form of discipline, reprisal, intimidation, or retaliation against any individual for requesting an accommodation in good faith. We are committed to enforcing this policy and prohibiting retaliation, harassment, or discrimination. However, the effectiveness of our efforts depends largely upon individuals reporting inappropriate workplace conduct. If you feel that you or someone you know may have been subjected to conduct that violates this policy, please report it immediately to Human Resources. If employees do not report retaliatory, harassing, or discriminatory conduct, Concero may not be able to take appropriate corrective action.

I. Open-Door Policy

Concero has an open-door policy and takes employee concerns and problems seriously. The Company values each employee and strives to provide a positive work experience. Every employee is encouraged to speak with their immediate Manager at any time with questions or problems relating to the job while employed. If you are unable to satisfactorily resolve your question or problem with your Manager, you can reach out to Human Resources for further assistance.



A. Employment Classification

In order to determine eligibility for benefits and overtime status and to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, Concero classifies its employees as shown below. Concero may review or change employee classifications at any time.

Regular Full-Time: These are employees who are not in a temporary or probationary status and who are regularly scheduled to work the organization’s full-time schedule (30 hours or more per week).

Regular Part-Time: These are employees who are not in a temporary status and who are regularly scheduled to work fewer than 30 hours per week, regardless of schedule. Part-time employees are eligible for some of the benefits offered by the Company as described within each benefit section.

Short-Term Employee: A “short-term employee” shall mean an individual whose employment is limited in duration and is hired for a specific short-term project, or on a short-term freelance, per diem or temporary basis. Short-term employees are not eligible for Company benefits. Employment beyond any initially stated period does not in any way imply a change in employment status or a change from employment-at-will.

B. Performance Reviews
Concero may periodically evaluate an employee’s performance. The goal of a performance review is to identify areas where an employee excels and areas for improvement. The Company uses performance reviews as a tool to determine pay increases, promotions, bonuses and/or performance and behavior management. Performance evaluations are conducted at a cadence commensurate with position held, tenure at the company, title and level. The performance review will be discussed, and both the employee and Manager will sign the form to ensure that all strengths, areas for improvement and development goals for the next review period have been clearly communicated. Performance evaluation forms will be retained in the employee’s personnel file or the company’s current performance management software. In addition to these formal performance evaluations, Concero encourages you and your Manager to discuss your job performance on a frequent and ongoing basis. We are committed to employees’ professional growth and development.

C. Personnel Records

Employee personnel records are maintained by Human Resources and are confidential. Managers may only have access to personnel file information on a need-to-know basis. As required by law, some records pertaining to employees are maintained in separate files relating to medical issues and internal investigations. Employees, or their representative, may request access to their basic personnel file.

Upon request, Human Resources will schedule an appointment for you to view your file during normal business hours within seven (7) business days unless otherwise required by applicable law. Employees are not permitted to remove any documents from the personnel file.

Employees may request copies of documents in their personnel file. Requests for copies must be made in writing to Human Resources.

To ensure that we have your current contact information and to ensure that all records are current, we require that employees keep their personal information on file up to date. Please notify Concero in writing within 10 days of any of the following changes: legal name, address, telephone number, marital status, beneficiary changes, changes in the number of dependents, person to call in case of emergency, license plate (if parking is provided), or change in exemptions on your W-4 tax form.

Criminal Charges and Convictions
Employees must report, within two (2) business days of occurrence to Human Resources, any arrests or convictions, with the exception of minor traffic violations. Arrests and convictions do not constitute an automatic bar to employment and will be considered individually and then only as they relate to the job being performed.

D. Employment Seperation

Unfortunately, there are times when an employee’s work at Concero must end. Since all employees are employed “at-will,” either you or Concero can end your employment at any time. Employees who voluntarily terminate their employment are asked to do so in writing and to provide at least 10 working days in advance of the last day of work.

On or before the final day of employment, the employees must return all Concero’s property, files, passwords, account information, computers, electronic devices, phones, keys, and credit card (if applicable) in their possession to Human Resources or their Manager.
Concero does not pay out accrued and unused PTO, holiday, jury duty or bereavement leave at the end of employment, unless otherwise required by applicable state law.

Employment separations will be treated in a confidential, respectful and professional manner by all concerned.
Whenever possible, Human Resources will conduct an exit meeting on or before the last day of employment to collect all company property, and to discuss final pay and to wish you the best in your future endeavors.


Benefits, Compensation and Timekeeping Policies

A. Benefits Overview

We understand that benefits and perks of employment are important components of our overall compensation and employee development program. This summary of our benefits and perks is intended to provide a brief description of some of the benefits available to eligible employees.

Please keep in mind this section provides only an overview and that the specific Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) documents explain more fully these benefits and their eligibility requirements. Concero reserves the exclusive right to end or make any changes to these benefits or related policies at any time in accordance with applicable law.

B. Insurance Benefits

Concero offers a comprehensive package of benefits to all eligible Regular Full-Time employees. The following outline of available benefits is provided with the understanding that benefit plans may change from time to time, and the plan documents, including Summary Plan Descriptions and Summaries of Benefits and Coverage, contain complete information and are to be considered the final word on the terms and conditions of the employee benefits provided. Concero reserves the exclusive right to end or make any changes to these benefits or related policies at any time in accordance with applicable law.
Upon becoming eligible to participate in these plans, you will receive additional information about plan benefits and enrollment from Human Resources. If you have questions about our insurance programs, please contact Human Resources.

Concero offers group medical insurance to all eligible Regular Full-Time employees and their eligible dependents. Employees may have the option to choose from several plans. Details of the plans may be found on the Zenefits portal. Concero currently pays 50% of the monthly premium.

Dental & Vision
Concero offers group dental and vision insurance to all eligible Regular Full-Time employees and their eligible dependents. Details of the plans may be found on the Zenefits portal. Concero currently pays 50% of the monthly premium.

Group Term Life Insurance and Voluntary Life Insurance
Concero provides eligible Regular Full-Time employees with term life insurance in the benefit amount of $50,000 per employee. This is an employer-paid benefit that includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance.
Concero also offers Voluntary Life Insurance for employees to purchase at their own cost.
Please see plan documents for specific benefit information.

Short Term Disability Insurance and Long Term Disability Insurance
Concero provides eligible Regular Full-Time employees with short term and long term disability insurance, which provides employees with 60% pre-disability income continuation for qualifying medical conditions. This is an employer-paid benefit.
Please see STD and LTD plan documents for specific benefit information, including but not limited to eligibility periods, benefit amount, and qualifications.

401(k) Retirement Plan
Concero recognizes the importance of employees saving for their retirement. To encourage saving we have enrolled in a 401(k) Plan and offer a company match for a portion of your contribution. To be eligible to join the 401(k) Plan, an employee must be a Regular Full-Time employee, complete six months of service and be 21 years of age or older. On the first day of the calendar month following completion of the first six months of service, Employees are auto-enrolled in the 401(k) Plan with a deferral of 6%, unless employees elect otherwise or decline enrollment before the eligibility date. Prior to eligibility, the employee will be given the Plan’s summary plan description for review and all necessary enrollment and election forms to participate in the Plan.

Continuation of Benefits
In compliance with continuation of coverage laws, at termination of employment, an employee who is enrolled on our benefits plans as of the last day of work is eligible for continuation or conversion of coverage for certain benefits at the employee’s own cost. Concero reserves the right to set payment schedules and change benefits providers or terminate any benefit plans. Concero will provide employees with notification, conversation and/or election paperwork in a timely manner upon termination of employment.

C. Paid Time Off (PTO)

Concero recognizes the importance of employees having time off to attend to non-work related matters such as vacation, personal sick leave, personal appointments, sick children, sick pets, volunteer work, community service or simply a mental health day. To allow maximum flexibility in arranging your schedule, Concero has implemented a Paid Time Off (PTO) policy. This list is by no means exhaustive or meant to be an all-inclusive list for use of Paid Time Off. PTO will encompass any scheduled or nonscheduled time away from work other than holidays, bereavement leave, or jury duty (handled in separate policies). Available PTO may be used to cover any otherwise unpaid time, including Unpaid Medical Leave or other unpaid time or leaves provided herein or required by applicable law.

Regular Full-Time employees are eligible for PTO accrual on a semi-monthly basis.

PTO must be taken in minimum increments of 4-hour “half-days.” PTO requests will need to be approved by your immediate manager. Use the Zenefits PTO process to submit requests. Verbal requests are acceptable if they are followed up by a Zenefits request. Employee’s Manager must supply approval through Zenefits. Once your PTO request is approved, the time off will automatically be added to the Concero calendar.
All PTO of two or more consecutive days must be requested 21 days in advance. PTO of one day or less must be requested 7 days in advance.
Short-notice PTO is considered time off requested with less than 7 days’ notice. This would most likely occur in instances of illness or other unforeseen circumstances. These requests should be conveyed to your manager as soon as possible in person or via phone. It is still necessary to follow up within one business day and document the time off via Zenefits.

PTO Scheduling Conflicts
Concero will attempt to grant all qualified employees PTO at the time they desire to take it. However, as a client-centric service company Concero must always maintain adequate coverage for our clients. When conflicts develop, they will be resolved fairly, but as deemed appropriate by management. All other factors being equal, preference will generally be given to the employee who makes the earliest request, but other legitimate factors may be considered, including seniority and the amount of PTO time already taken by the employees involved.

There may be periods of peak activity when PTO is denied. This can occur at the end of the calendar year (November and December) as our clients generally have a push to fill roles by year-end or need to staff-up in January for the new year. PTO during this time will undergo increased scrutiny and approval must be balanced with client need. If you want to take PTO beyond the planned winter holidays outlined, ask as early as possible and be aware that PTO may be denied during this period.

PTO is earned each semi-monthly pay period based on level or tenure at Concero. Employees begin accruing PTO on their first day of employment, there is no waiting period. PTO continues to accrue year-over-year with no annual reset and no maximum balance. If time off is necessary due to instances of illness or other unforeseen circumstances and you do not have enough PTO accrued, that time off will be unpaid. The use of unpaid leave requires written approval from your manager and/or Human Resources. The following schedule outlines allotted PTO days and hours accrued per pay period based upon level or tenure.

1Associate Recruiter / Less than 1 year13
2Recruiter / After year 116
3Recruiter Consultant / After 2 years20
4Sr. Recruitment Consultant / After 5 years24
5Manager or Principal / After year 828
6Director level & aboveFlex-Managed PTO

Concero observed holidays are listed below. Only Regular Full-Time employees are eligible for paid holiday benefits. Any additional holidays will be designated by the Company at the start of each calendar year.

In the event you observe holidays not in our holiday schedule, please talk with your manager to discuss an alternate holiday schedule.

New Year’s DayJanuary 2Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. DayJanuary 16Monday
President’s DayFebruary 20Monday
Memorial DayMay 29Monday
Independence DayJuly 4Tuesday
Veteran’s DayNovember 11 (observed November 10)Friday
ThanksgivingNovember 23Thursday
Day After ThanksgivingNovember 24Friday
Christmas EveDecember 24 (observed December 25)Monday
Christmas DayDecember 25 (observed December 26)Tueday
New Year’s EveDecember 31 (observed December 29)Friday

End of Employment and Payment of Accrued but Unused PTO
Accrued and unused PTO will not be paid out on final paychecks, unless required by law. PTO may not be used to extend a termination date. In the event an employee has a negative PTO balance at the end of employment, Concero will true up and deduct the amount of used, but not accrued, PTO time on the employee’s final paycheck or paychecks, as may be necessary.

D. Pay Day

All employees of Concero are paid semi-monthly. The employer takes all reasonable steps to ensure that employees receive the correct amount of pay in each paycheck and that employees are paid promptly on the scheduled payday.

An employee who resigns or is discharged will be paid through the last day of work, less outstanding loans, advances or other agreements the employee may have with the Company, unless otherwise required by applicable law. In cases of an employee’s death, the final pay due to that employee will be paid to the deceased employee’s estate or as otherwise required under state law.

E. Overtime

Each employee is designated as either Non-exempt or Exempt from federal and state wage and hour laws. If you are classified as a non-exempt employee, then you are covered by the provisions of applicable state and federal wage and hour laws. You are also eligible for compensation of time and one-half for hours worked in excess of 40 per pay week, defined as Monday through Sunday.

Only hours actually worked count toward the calculation of overtime. Hours paid as holiday, Paid Time Off, bereavement, etc. do not count as hours worked when computing overtime eligibility.

Please note, if you are non-exempt, you are not permitted to work more than forty (40) hours per week without explicit prior approval from your manager. If at any time we need you to work more than forty (40) hours in a pay week (defined as Monday through Sunday), your manager will notify you as early as possible and will provide written approval for you to work overtime.

If you are classified as an exempt employee, you are not covered by the overtime provisions set forth in the applicable state and federal wage and hour laws and, therefore, are not eligible for additional compensation for hours worked in excess of 40 per pay week. Our pay practices with respect to all employees will be consistent with applicable state and federal laws.

F. Timekeeping / Time Records

Non-Exempt employees must keep accurate records of time worked. You will be paid for all hours worked, including fractional parts of an hour. It is up to the Non-Exempt employee to complete accurate weekly time reports showing all time worked and to work within the scheduled and approved work hours. Any timesheet that you submit is understood to be complete and accurate.  Any errors in your time record should be reported immediately to your manager, who will attempt to correct legitimate errors. Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records, or recording time on another employee’s time record may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your paycheck, the amount of work for which you are credited, your compensation, your non-exempt or exempt classification status, any deductions, or a similar issue, please contact your manager or Human Resources.

G. Direct Deposit

Concero encourages employees to have their pay deposited into their bank accounts via direct deposit. Employees will receive an itemized statement of wages when Concero makes direct deposits. You will setup your direct deposit information on your first day of employment, but if changes need to be made to that, please notify Human Resources.

H. Personnel Data Changes Process

It is the responsibility of the Employee for notifying Human Resources and/or your immediate manager about of any change in name, home address, telephone number, marital status, number of dependents, immigration status, or any other pertinent information. This ensures required notices, forms and plan information is sent to the correct address and that your benefits coverage is current. By promptly notifying Concero of such changes, you will avoid compromise of your benefit eligibility, the return of W-2 forms, or similar inconvenience.

I. Travel Expense Reimbursement

It is Concero policy to reimburse employees for certain expenses incurred by the employee in the pursuit of company business. The intent of this reimbursement is to cover those expenses incurred by the employee over the normal expenses the employee would incur.

All expenses must be ordinary, reasonable, necessary, and have a valid business purpose.

This policy covers items normally encountered as business or travel expense. The company expects its employees to use good judgment. The employee should always keep track of his/her exact expenditures.

The company recognizes there will be times when you must exceed “normal” expenses. Such occasions should be the exception and not the rule and should be adequately explained on the expense report. Requests for exceptions to the policy must be made in writing and approved by the Senior Vice President, Business Operations or the CEO.

The IRS tax code includes certain guidelines on legitimate travel expenses that are allowable for tax reporting purposes. These guidelines serve as basic policy guidelines for Concero’s reimbursement of travel and entertainment expenses. Complete explanations and documentation must be present on expense reports to meet IRS specifications for qualified business deductions. Itemized receipts for all individual expenditures are required – credit card statements are not sufficient.

Meals & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) while Traveling

Employees will be reimbursed for reasonable and actual expenses for meals incurred while traveling on behalf of Concero, subject to the following maximum daily rates:

  • Breakfast: Actual expense up to $16
  • Lunch: Actual expense up to $18
  • Dinner: Actual expense up to $31

All original, itemized receipts must be maintained by the employee as substantiation that the amount claimed was not in excess of the amount of actual expense. The original receipts must be submitted with the employee’s travel and expense report. Any employee expense report received without the receipts will be returned to the employee. Meals provided as part of lodging amenities or conference fees are not eligible and must not be claimed for reimbursement.

If dining as a group of Concero employees, separate checks should be obtained and paid for out of individual personal funds. Prior written authorization from the Concero CEO is necessary for any reimbursable company paid group meals.

Incidental expenses are minor expenditures associated with business travel. These expenses comprise an immaterial part of the travel and entertainment costs that an employee might incur. Examples of these expenses are baggage handler tips and room service tips. Personal expenses are not considered incidental expenses. The maximum allowable reimbursement for incidentals is $5 per day. While receipts are not required for reimbursement of incidental expenses, they must be included in the employee’s travel and expense report to be eligible for reimbursement.

Business meals are reasonable amounts spent on food and other refreshments purchased in surroundings conducive to and including a business discussion with clients, potential clients, internal recruits, or vendors and require prior approval. See Entertainment policy for guidelines.

Ground Transportation to/from or at Travel Location & to/from Airport

It is expected that each employee uses the best means of ground transportation to get to or when at destination or to/from the airport, taking into consideration cost, time and availability.

Public Transportation
The cost of necessary public transportation is reimbursable. Since this is usually the least expensive, it is to be considered first. It is understood that this method of transportation is the most time consuming and sometimes the least available. Receipt required.

Taxi or Ride Sharing Service
A taxi or ride sharing service may be used. Cost must be considered when choosing this method of travel and level of service selected. Use the most economical choice to meet your need (UberX vs. UberBLACK). All taxi and ride sharing charges must be presented with a receipt.

Private Auto
Private auto may be used in all cases. Payment for this type of transportation will be made at current IRS mileage reimbursement rate plus parking charges and tolls (receipts required).

Rental Cars
The use of rental cars is allowed only if the nature of the trip or the location of the places of business to be visited is such that use of personal or local transportation is not practical. Contact our Business Operations team if you believe this is the case.

All lodging must be booked through our Business Operations team at least 15 days prior to departure date. Provide check-in/check-out dates and location of event attendance. Concero has several special rates negotiated with various hotels and the most economic room will be selected within a five-mile radius of the event. If you prefer a different location, include it in your request and an accommodation will be made if it does not constitute an inordinate cost over the lowest room rate near the event. Single-occupancy room is standard policy but doubling-up is also allowed if requested.

If traveling by personally owned vehicle, parking is covered as a reimbursable expense. Food and/or alcohol purchased in the hotel or room service falls under normal meal allowance policy. Laundry, dry cleaning, pay per view movies and other sundry items are considered personal expenses and not reimbursable.

If you are a Concero corporate credit card holder, provide your corporate credit card at check-in. At check-out, reconcile folio to separate personal versus business expenses. Only business expenses are to be charged to the corporate credit card.
A detailed itemized hotel receipt must be obtained, verified and submitted regardless of amount of the bill.

Airline Travel
All airline travel must be booked through our Business Operations team at least 30 days prior to departure date. Provide preferred departure and arrival times with constraints (e.g. client meeting at 2:00 p.m. or conference start time at 8:00 a.m.). An attempt to accommodate preferences will be made but meeting mandatory event times is priority.

Flights will be selected using the lowest discounted or economy fare available as the baseline. Flights with connections rather than direct routes may be selected if a significant cost savings is realized. To the maximum extent possible, no more than one layover will be booked. The final selection of an airline will be based on the lowest fare available and never solely on preferred times or participation in an airline’s frequent flyer program. Selection of a particular flight to accommodate requests may be made only if it does not constitute an inordinate cost over the lowest baseline fare. Upgraded seats or class are not reimbursable and will be at the expense of the employee. The Business Operations team makes the final decision on behalf of the CEO when booking flights.

One piece of checked luggage will be reimbursed. Luggage expense beyond that will not be reimbursed. Wi-Fi expenses will be reimbursed if flight occurs during normal business hours. Other expenses incurred while inflight for such things as food, liquor or entertainment are not reimbursable and are to be absorbed as part of the meal allowance. The purchase of insurance to provide life and accident coverage is considered a personal expense and is not reimbursable.

Obtain a receipt when issued boarding passes to confirm travel and file with expense report.

Concero does not have a corporate travel department. In the event of business travel delays or modifications to confirmed lodging accommodations, it is the responsibility of the employee to take necessary action to resolve any changes to the original travel arrangements. Reasonable judgment should be used.

All entertainment expense is intended to have a business purpose and there are also strict IRS requirements regarding this activity. Quoting IRS regulations, “The entertainment must directly precede or follow substantial and bonafide business discussion for the purpose of obtaining income or other specific trade or business benefit.”

The employee must be prepared to document this requirement when reporting entertainment expense:

  • Date and place of entertainment
  • Name and affiliation of business guest(s)
  • Nature of business discussion
  • All receipts for entertainment expenses

The most senior employee present should pay all business entertainment expenses

Prior written authorization from the Concero CEO is necessary for any reimbursable company paid entertainment expense.

Combined Business and Personal Trips

If an employee, while traveling for business purposes, decides to take a vacation either before or after the business trip or brings along family members, the cost of the trip must be split appropriately between business and personal expenses. Only business expenses for the employee will be reimbursed.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses
The Company will not reimburse the following expenses:

  • Housekeeping tips at lodging facilities
  • Credit or travel and entertainment card annual membership or card fees
  • Flowers, gifts, or cards for special recognition days. The only exception is that flowers may be bought to express condolences to clients or employees when a sickness or death occurs, if approved by the Concero CEO
  • Any items bought for personal use (including toiletries, personal care items, etc.)

If in doubt, contact our Business Operations team prior to purchasing an item.

Reporting and Reimbursement of Expenses
Employees must submit all travel and entertainment expenses related to company business or meetings within 5 business days of conclusion of travel to our Business Operations team. Concero will not reimburse expense report claims submitted for payment more than 15 business days late without CEO approval. Reimbursement of expenses will be paid out in normal payroll no later than 30 calendar days after submission of your approved expense report.

Concero Corporate Credit Card Holders
Corporate credit card holders are subject to Concero’s Credit Card Policies and Procedures and must abide by the Cardholder Agreement. Corporate credit card holders are required to submit a completed expense report in accordance with the Reporting and Reimbursement of Expenses guidelines. Itemized receipts are still required for all business expenses charged to the Concero corporate credit card and must be submitted with the expense report. Credit card statements with list of charges is not sufficient for IRS reporting. If in doubt of a valid corporate credit card expenditure, reach out to our Business Operations team for clarification or CEO for approval.

J. Remote First Mindset

We are a “Remote First” company, meaning that our default assumption is that everyone is working from home (WFH. This is reflected in the way that we communicate with one another, along with the accountability and commitment requested of our employees to working normal business hours. It’s expected that you are able to function as independently and autonomously as possible and take initiative to address any roadblocks quickly. You should be intentional and proactive in staying connected with the team and communicate effectively.

Meetings & Communication
It’s expected that you will be available and responsive by all regular Concero business communication channels (phone, email, Zoom video, Zoom chat) during normal business hours. Be intentional about who should be involved in conversations and loop them in via Zoom video if necessary. It’s also expected that your Google calendar be up to date and accurate so that we can avoid as many scheduling conflicts as possible.

Workspace Expectations
Your WFH workspace needs to enable you to be fully productive and effective in your role equivalent to having a full in-office workspace setup. With that in mind, it’s expected that you have the following:

  • A dedicated physical workspace to work (this doesn’t need to be a room, but should at least be a desk area where your work setup is the main use of the space)
  • An environment that is conducive to you being able to focus on your work (your space should be free of other distractions and disruptions)
  • A reliable internet connection (the internet is your lifeline and is how you communicate with your team and do your work. It’s critical that you have a reliable internet connection in order to be successful)

Work Location Equity
To make our Remote First approach successful, it’s important that we strive for Work Location Equity as a guiding principle in how we structure our interactions, our processes and our workflows. This means that regardless of where someone chooses to work, they will be able to be equally productive and will be able to effectively collaborate and communicate with their team. The goal is to make sure everyone is “equal” during meetings, in communications, in decision making and in general.

K. Relocation Requests

Thinking about moving? If so, we ask that you complete the relocation request form found in the HR Library in Box no later than thirty (30) days prior to your move to ensure the business can support you in your new location. Please email the completed form directly to your manager and copy Human Resources for final approval.

We reserve the right to deny any requests for an employee to work remotely from a particular location, at which point further discussions with management would be required.

L. Lactation Breaks

The Company will provide reasonable daily breaks to accommodate an employee desiring to express breast milk for the employee’s child. If possible, nursing employees should take time to express breast milk during their regular meal and/or rest breaks. If that is not possible, nursing employees may take paid time for lactation breaks. Nursing employees will be paid for these short breaks, up to two breaks of less than 30 minutes each day.

M. Disaster Leave

Concero recognizes that unpredictable events, such as natural disasters or pandemics, cause disruption in our daily lives, even while working remotely. Employees who are affected by extreme inclement weather or an emergency that prevents them from working, are eligible for up to 16 hours of paid disaster leave. To qualify, employees must be in an area that has been declared a state of emergency by their local or Federal government and be displaced/unable to find a reliable place to work per our Remote First Mindset policy as described above. Employees who find themselves in this situation should first take action to ensure their own safety, then notify their manager or Human Resources of their situation to request this leave. This leave does not cover personal situations, personal emergencies, or interrupted vacation time due to pandemics or disasters.


Standards of Conduct

A. Workplace Violence Prevention

We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment and preventing workplace violence. All employees should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. It is expected that you refrain from conduct that may be dangerous, threatening or hurtful to others.

All firearms, weapons and other dangerous or hazardous devices or substances are prohibited from our workplace, partner and client premises without prior written authorization from the CEO (except as allowed by applicable law in your own vehicle).

Conduct that threatens, intimidates, or coerces another employee, a client, or a member of the public in the course of your employment will not be tolerated. This prohibition includes all acts of harassment, including harassment that is based on a person’s sex, race, age, or any characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.

Any actual or threats of violence, intimidation or coercion that occur on Concero or client premises or at work-related events must be reported as soon as possible to Human Resources, your manager, or the CEO. This includes conduct and threats by employees, as well as threats by clients, customers, vendors, solicitors, or other members of the public. All suspicious individuals or activities should be reported as soon as possible to Human Resources, your manager, or the CEO. You should never place yourself in serious danger. If an immediate threat exists or develops, call 911 immediately. When reporting actual or threatened violence, you should be as specific and detailed as possible.

We will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of actual or threats of violence, intimidation or coercion as well as suspicious individuals or activities. The identity of the individual making a report will be protected as much as practical. In order to maintain workplace safety, the integrity of any investigation, the company may suspend employees, either with or without pay, pending investigation.
Any employee determined to be responsible for actual or threats of violence, intimidation, coercion or other conduct that is in violation of this policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Concero reserves the right to determine acceptable behavior at its own discretion.

Employees should recognize any potential fire hazards and be aware of fire escape routes and fire drills. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 immediately. If you hear a fire alarm or other emergency alert system, proceed quickly and calmly to the nearest exit.

B. Workplace Safety

We strive to provide a safe work environment and ask our employees to support that goal by doing what they can to keep their workplace free from safety hazards, use protective equipment when necessary, keep pathways around their office clear, and maintain work areas in a tidy and orderly manner. When occupying a Concero office space, employees should report any unsafe working conditions or practices to their manager or Human Resources immediately and should not risk injury in carrying out any assigned work. If you have any questions or concerns in this regard, please speak with Human Resources immediately.

Maintaining personal safety and appropriate security in offices we occupy is every employee’s responsibility. You should become familiar with all relevant security information, which may be obtained from Human Resources.

Reporting On-the-Job Injuries and/or Illnesses
Any injury or illness you may have sustained on the job or while performing work duties, regardless of severity, must be reported immediately to Human Resources for prompt and trained evaluation and medical attention, as necessary. It is required that you complete and submit a safety report to Human Resources immediately following any such incident and when safely possible. If medical attention is sought, the claim will be submitted to the Workers’ Compensation carrier. Concero has a light duty return-to-work program and can accommodate even the most sedentary restrictions.

Workers’ Compensation
You are protected by a Workers’ Compensation (WC) policy provided by Concero. WC coverage protects you against financial loss due to an injury or illness arising out of or in the course of employment, as provided by state law. Regardless of the severity, all work-related injuries and/or illnesses must be immediately reported to Human Resources.

Return to Work Policy
We are committed to utilizing our resources to provide a safe work environment for all employees. If a work-related injury does occur, we are committed to returning the injured employee to productive employment as soon as possible.

If you are injured at work, we will require a return to work notice completed by a health care provider and will make every reasonable effort to provide you with transitional work assignments or project work until you are able to resume your full normal duties. All modified work is on a temporary basis and is intended to facilitate a return to your regular work duties when medically feasible. This program will be managed and monitored to ensure that you reach the end of your healing and return to your full regular work assignment as quickly as possible.

The Return to Work Policy will be implemented and monitored in the same manner as any other Concero policy. Refusal to fully participate in the modified/restricted duties and/or failure to follow the Return to Work Policy may result in Workers’ Compensation benefits being limited and/or suspended.

C. Employee Standards of Conduct

Concero expects its employees to behave professionally and with integrity to ensure that the work environment is safe, comfortable and productive. Employees should be respectful, courteous, and mindful of each other’s feelings and needs in order to maintain a positive work environment.
While it is not possible to list all forms of unacceptable workplace behavior, the following examples of misconduct are strictly prohibited and anyone who violates these rules may be subject to immediate termination. These examples are not intended to be an all-inclusive list but are based on common sense and our Company’s culture, honesty and ethics. Any questions about the conduct policy should be directed to Human Resources or the CEO.

  • Theft, removal or defacement of Company or a co-worker’s property, and/or disclosure of confidential information
  • Falsification or modification of Company or personal records. This includes obtaining employment on the basis of false or misleading information
  • Possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of illegal drugs in the workplace or while on duty
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs (this does not include reasonable consumption of alcohol at Company events)
  • Fighting, horseplay violence, or threats of violence in the workplace
  • Unruly or disruptive activity in the workplace, or disrupting the work of others
  • Violations of safety or health rules
  • Failing to report on-the-job injuries immediately to your Manager, their immediate Manager or replacement
  • Possession of dangerous or unauthorized materials, such as explosives or firearms, in the workplace
  • Sleeping while on duty
  • Direct insubordination or failing to conduct business in accordance with lawful management direction
  • Smoking in prohibited areas
  • Sexual or other unlawful harassment, discrimination or intimidation
  • Excessive absenteeism, tardiness, or stopping work early
  • Unauthorized use of telephones, mail system, computers, or other employer owned equipment or systems
  • Unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information or intellectual property
  • Violation of personnel policies
  • Unsatisfactory performance or conduct
  • Profanity or abusive language in the performance of work or in the workplace
  • Gambling on Company property
  • Failure to report any fraudulent behavior, activities, and unsafe acts

Nothing contained in this policy is designed to interfere with, restrain, or prevent employee communications regarding wages, hours, or other terms and conditions of employment as protected by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. Concero’s employees have the right to engage in or refrain from such activities.
We reserve the right to add, modify or eliminate any rule when circumstances require a change, or at our own discretion. Any discipline of FLSA exempt employees will comply with applicable FLSA rules and regulations.

D. Addressing Behavior and Performance Issues
Concero is committed to communicating with employees about their performance and professional behavior on a regular basis. Emulating our core values, Concero’s goal for the discussions is to maximize employees’ potential and performance, to hold employees accountable and to correct, recognize, or improve performance or behavior.
E. Use of Communication, Computer Systems and Company Property

Concero retains the right to inspect all Company property including computers, desks, file cabinets, storage facilities, equipment, vehicles, telephones, software, networks, and files and folders, electronic or otherwise, at any time. Concero reserves this right to ensure employee safety or to investigate possible misconduct or performance issues. Employees should not maintain an expectation of privacy when on Company grounds or while using Company property. All documents, files, voicemails and electronic information, including e-mails and other communications, created, received or maintained on or through Company property are the property of Concero, not the employee.
Computer Systems are to be used strictly for Company business. Company property must be used in the manner for which it was intended. Upon termination, employees are required to surrender any Company property they possess. Employees must understand that any personal information stored or accessed from Company Computer Systems will not be returned and may be accessed by Company representatives in the normal order of returning the Computer System to use for another employee. Employees are not permitted to download any “pirated” software, files or programs and must receive permission from a Manager before installing any new software on a Company computer. Files or programs stored on Company computers may not be copied for personal use.

Employees may access and use Concero property and systems only for the business purpose for which they have been granted access. This means you may not use or access property or systems restricted to management, other employees, or third parties without prior authorization or outside of work hours. Further, since the Company’s communication and computer systems are intended for business use, all employees, upon request, must inform management of any private access codes or passwords.

All of our policies and rules of conduct apply to employee use of Company property and systems. This means, for example, that you may not use the email system or network to send harassing or discriminatory messages, including messages with explicit sexual content or pornographic images; to send threatening messages; or to reveal Concero trade secrets or confidential information, or to otherwise violate Concero policies.

F. Personal and Company Owned Communication Devices

Employees may only access Concero systems, software, and networks on pre-approved devices, with the downloading and access facilitated by Concero. All users employing a mobile device connected to Concero’ corporate network, and/or capable of backing up, storing, or otherwise accessing corporate data of any type, must adhere to Company’s Use of Communication and Computer Systems policy. For approval and further information, contact the Business Operations team.

Company-Provided Portable Communication Devices
(PCDs), including cellphones, tablets and computers, should be used primarily for business purposes. Employees have no reasonable expectation of privacy in regard to the use of such devices, and all use is subject to monitoring by Concero, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

G. Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

Misuse of alcohol and drugs is inconsistent with our commitment to a safe and productive work environment. Because of the possible harmful effects to the individual employee, other employees, and third parties, it is the policy of Concero to maintain a workplace that is free from the effects of drug and alcohol misuse or abuse.

Whenever you are working, operating Concero vehicles, or present on Concero premises, you are prohibited from: (1) using, consuming, possessing, buying, selling, manufacturing, or dispensing alcohol or drugs or (2) being impaired by or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “Drug” means any drug (a) not legally obtainable; or (b) legally obtainable but not legally obtained or used. Therefore, a “drug” includes prescription drugs obtained unlawfully and prescription drugs not being used for prescribed purposes.

An employee is considered impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs at work or while performing the employee’s job duties if an employee tests positive for alcohol or drugs, and/or the employee demonstrates specific, articulable symptoms while working that decrease or lessen the employee’s ability to perform the duties or tasks of their position, including but not limited to symptoms of the employee’s speech, physical dexterity, agility, coordination, demeanor, irrational or unusual behavior, or negligence or carelessness in operating vehicles, equipment or machinery; disregard for the safety of the employee or others, or involvement in any accident that results in serious damage to vehicles, equipment or property; or carelessness that results in any injury to the employee or others. If Concero determines an employee is impaired or under the influence as indicated by the preceding and/or other reliable factors, Concero reserves the right to discipline the employee, up to and including termination, and/or also reserves the right to require the employee to submit to a drug or alcohol test. If a drug or alcohol test supports the determination that an employee was impaired or under the influence, the employee will be considered in violation of this policy.

If you are involved in an accident resulting in property damage or an injury requiring medical treatment away from the scene of the accident, you may be required to take a drug or alcohol test.

If you refuse or fail to cooperate in required tests, test positive for alcohol or drugs, or otherwise violate this policy, you will be disciplined, up to and including termination. All information or records related to testing under this policy will be maintained in compliance with applicable health privacy and other laws.

This policy does not prohibit the authorized and reasonable consumption of alcohol within legal limits by an employee of legal drinking age at functions or activities sponsored by Concero. Additionally, this prohibition does not include the lawful use and possession of prescribed medications or other lawful substances under applicable state law.
You must consult with your health care provider about any medication’s effect on your ability to work safely and promptly disclose any such effects to your manager. In such cases, you should not disclose your underlying medical condition unless later asked to do so. In addition, you should not disclose your use of a medication if such use does not affect your ability to work safely.

If you have a qualifying disability related to alcohol or controlled substance use, please see Reasonable Accommodation of ADA Disabilities for guidance.

Smoke-Free Workplace
The Company is in compliance with the Clean Air Act and has made any office buildings we occupy designated non-smoking areas. Smoking will not be allowed within any office buildings. To those who smoke, we respectfully request your understanding and cooperation and ask that if you need to smoke please do so outside the buildings. Employees using these areas are expected to dispose of any smoking debris safely and properly. “Smoking” includes the use of any tobacco or tobacco-related products (including chewing tobacco), electronic smoking and vapor devices, and e-cigarettes. Smoking is prohibited in all Company vehicles.

H. Confidential Company Information

Your job responsibilities may lead you to have access to confidential Concero and other related information. This may also include information concerning Concero’s business practices, financial status or client records.

Throughout this Handbook, we refer to all of this information as “Protected and Proprietary Information”. “Protected and Proprietary Information” means all confidential or proprietary information of any kind relating to the business, operation and administration of Concero and its affiliate entities. “Protected Information” also includes client lists, price lists, financial information, policy or procedure manuals, computer software and systems, programs, marketing strategies and plans, operating systems and procedures, and strategic, operational and long-range plans and planning procedures, other than information that is defined and interpreted as “trade secrets” in accordance with applicable state law. Just as you are expected to maintain the confidentiality of Concero’s “Protected Information”, you are also expected to maintain the confidentiality of the personal and confidential information of our clients and partners.

All such Protected and Proprietary Information is to remain confidential and is not to be disclosed to any unauthorized persons inside or outside of Concero. More specifically, in any capacity, you cannot acquire by improper means, use or disclose, or cause to be used or disclosed, any Protected and Proprietary Information learned or acquired while employed by Concero to those people or entities that could cause hardship to Concero, including, but not limited to competitors, clients, partners and suppliers. In the event you are uncertain whether the use or disclosure of Protected and Proprietary Information to a specific person or entity would violate this policy, you must seek permission from Concero for the use or disclosure prior to any use or disclosure to the specific person or entity in question.

This policy in no way diminishes Concero’s protection and enforcement of rights regarding its “trade secrets”, as that phrase is defined and interpreted in accordance with applicable state law. Similarly, this policy does not alter any individual agreements that may have been executed between Concero and you, including the Non-Disclosure Agreement that each employee signs as a condition of employment.

I. Use of Social Media

Social media is one of many ways in which people and organizations communicate and interact. Concero acknowledges the significance and critical role that social media and social networking play in helping us communicate not only with clients and candidates, but also with employees, business partners, and the larger business community. As a result, we encourage the use of any social media that supports our industry ethics, business goals and objectives and that adheres to the guidelines in this policy. The basic principles that apply to the conduct of our employees in general also apply to online activities. As a result, this policy is intended to provide guidance as to all sorts of online publishing and discussion including, but not limited to, blogs, wikis, social networks, file-sharing, and user-generated web content (video, audio) – and without regard to how employees access those networks (desktop/laptop, iPad, Smartphone, etc.) – and without regard to where and when employees access those networks.

We provide the following guiding principles for employees:

  • Respect stakeholders, competitors, clients, customers, vendors, business partners, and/or other stakeholders. Do not reference, cite, or post descriptions of anyone else (clients, partners, providers, etc.) without their express written consent.
  • Do not upload, publish or otherwise share our confidential, copyrighted or trademarked information or materials, or any others, without permission.
  • All postings should comply with our applicable conduct, performance, confidentiality, privacy, disclosure and other workplace policies located in this Employee Handbook and/or within other related agreements.

These guidelines are not intended to prohibit or dissuade employees from engaging in activities protected by applicable law such as discussing wages, benefits or other terms and conditions of employment, raising concerns about working conditions or forming, joining or supporting labor unions, or engaging in legally permissible or required activities.

Questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. about this policy should be directed to Human Resources.

J. Conflict of Interest, Business Ethics, and Outside Activities

Employees are prohibited from using Concero’s property or information, or their position within Concero, for their personal gain in any manner, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to financial gain, such as profiting from business opportunities that are learned through their employment. However, employees need not incur financial gain to violate this policy; employees must avoid any situation that involves, or may involve, a conflict between their personal interest and the interest of Concero.

Employees are also prohibited from competing with Concero during their employment. Competing with Concero could include engaging in the same line of business or diverting opportunities for sales of products or services.

Further, all active employees must notify Concero before they take outside employment or make other significant commitments outside of work so that the Company will have reasonable notice to make a determination as to whether there are any issues. We do not intend to try to control your time away from your job. However, if an employee’s second job or other outside activity is found at any time to have a conflict of interest or otherwise negatively impact their work performance at Concero, Human Resources or the CEO will address the issue with the employee and it may result in discipline, up to and including termination, or may lead to the employee’s decision to terminate their outside employment or activities or their employment at Concero.

K. Whistle Blower Policy

Concero will not take any adverse action to retaliate against an employee who provides information to any law enforcement officer or agency relating to the commission or possible commission of a federal or state offense related to the Organization. We are also committed to maintaining mechanisms and procedures for thoroughly and effectively investigating internal complaints, taking corrective action, and to maintaining procedures for preventing retaliation against those employees who make internal or external complaints of fraud, theft, illegal or criminal activity.

Any employee who reports an activity by Concero or its directors, officers and/or employees that he/she considers to be illegal or dishonest to one or more parties specified in this policy shall not be subjected to adverse action or retaliation of any kind as a result of such reporting. Examples of illegal or dishonest activities include without limitation, violations of Concero policies, violations of federal, state or local laws, ordinances and regulations; fraudulent billing or accounting practices; or other fraudulent financial reporting.

If an employee has knowledge of, or a reasonable basis to suspect, illegal or dishonest activities, the employee should contact Human Resources. An employee who makes a report under this policy is not responsible for investigating the activity or determining fault or appropriate corrective measures.

Anyone reporting a suspected violation should do so in good faith, with responsible grounds for believing the information begin reported indicates a violation. Any allegations which are unsubstantiated, and which were made intentionally or with malice, or which the employee knew were false or untrue, may be cause for discipline up to and including termination of employment or service.

All allegations made under this policy will be investigated promptly. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent consistent with Concero’s duty to investigate. Any employee who believes he/she has been subjected to retaliation in violation of this policy should contact Concero.

L. Personal Appearance / Dress Code

When conducting business on behalf of Concero, whether in-person or virtually, always maintain a professional appearance and dress according to the appointments you have scheduled for the day. To that end, Concero may determine and enforce guidelines for workplace-appropriate attire and grooming.

M. No Solicitation/No Distribution

It is Concero’s policy that there be no solicitation, including via email, for non-charitable organizations or causes during actual working time. In addition, Concero’s email and computer systems cannot be used at any time for solicitation of non-charitable organizations or causes. No employee may engage in solicitation, nor may any employee willingly accept solicitation on behalf of any club, society, religious or political causes, or non-charitable organizations for any other purpose during actual working time of either the solicitor or the person being solicited. “Actual working time” means the time during which you are required to be performing work duties. Work time does not include the time before your scheduled workday begins, the time after your scheduled workday ends, or your break or lunch period.

You may not distribute literature in physical or virtual working areas at any time or during non-working times in areas where it will disturb other employees who are working. “Working areas” include all areas of the premises except the break area(s) and parking lot. Solicitation and distribution by non-employees on Concero property or within the confines of Concero premises is prohibited at all times.
All solicitations for charitable organizations or causes must be approved by the CEO before being distributed. The CEO also reserves the right to restrict the manner and method in which employees can share such information.


Leaves of Absence

A. Parental Leave

Concero recognizes the importance of offering benefits to parents of a newborn or a newly fostered or adopted child or children, regardless of the gender of the parent. Regular Full-Time Employees are eligible for 6 weeks (30 work days or 240 hours) of paid time off for parental leave and an additional 6 weeks (30 work days or 240 hours) of time off paid at 50% of the employee’s regular wages. A parental leave of absence may be taken for the birth, foster care or adoption of a child or children of the employee and the care of such child/ren, providing either leave begins within 16 weeks of the birth or arrival of the child(ren).

Requests for parental leaves of absence must be submitted in writing to Human Resources and will be considered on a case-by-case basis, including, but not limited to, being mindful of Concero’s needs and operations and the requesting employee’s tenure, job duties and job performance. Each request must include the purpose and expected duration of the leave. An employee may not be otherwise employed or serving as a consultant while on a parental leave of absence.

For those paid parental leaves that also qualify for Short Term Disability (STD), income replacement will be subsidized by our Short Term Disability insurance provider. For the first six weeks (30 work days or 240 hours), Concero will supplement the amount of STD paid by the disability insurance provider up to the amount that is equal to the employee’s regular wages at the time they started the parental leave. In the event of unique circumstances requiring an additional term or terms of STD benefit coverage, Concero will review each instance on an individual basis.

During all paid parental leaves, Concero will continue to pay the employer portion of premiums for health, dental, vision, short term disability, long term disability and group term life insurance, and employees are responsible for their portion of the benefits. For benefits that are solely employee-paid, employees continue to be responsible for payment of their portion of the premiums. Employee contributions to premiums will be deducted from their pay, following normal payroll procedures. Employees will continue to accrue PTO while out on approved parental leave.

Return from Parental Leave
Except otherwise noted in an addendum accompanying this Handbook or as required by state law, this parental leave of absence is not a protected leave of absence like those covered under the Federal Family Medical Leave Act, the Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Act or other state specific family medical leaves, as may be appropriate. Upon your return from a parental leave of absence, we will make every effort to return you to your former position. Depending upon our needs, however, your position may have been filled during your absence. In that event, we will try to place you in another position. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your original position or one of equivalent status, pay, schedule or benefits, will be available to you when you are ready to return to work.

You should notify your manager of your intent to return to work at least two business days prior to returning to work.
If you do not return from a parental leave of absence and do not communicate with Concero to discuss the reason for not returning, you will be considered to have resigned from Concero effective your last day of active employment (defined as the last day worked prior to the start of your leave). In this situation, we reserve the right to recover from you any or all of the benefits premiums paid on your behalf during your leave.

B. Military Leave

Concero recognizes that employees who are entering or are members of the U.S. Military, National Guard or other defense services may be ordered to active duty or active duty for training. Under these circumstances, Concero will grant military leaves and reemployment rights in accordance with all applicable federal and states statutes.

The employee’s length of leave will be determined by their orders and the appropriate statute. During active duty, the employee will not receive any pay from Concero.

Time spent on military leave will be considered continuous service if the employee returns to work within the time set by law. The employee may elect to continue medical insurance during the time on military leave; however, full insurance premiums must be paid the employee on a prepaid basis or will be deducted from any salary payments from Concero during the leave.

Procedure for Military Leaves
It is the employee’s responsibility to inform their manager when orders for military duty have been received and to provide a copy of the orders. The employee is responsible for returning to work according to applicable federal and state law.

When an employee returns from a military leave, the employee will be assigned to a position as required by law. Pursuant to applicable law, military leave time will usually be credited to the employee’s length of service, and all benefits will apply as if the employee had never left their job. Under most circumstances and as set forth by applicable law, the employee’s salary will generally be equal to or greater than the salary at the time the leave commenced. If automatic increases, cost of living increases or benefit changes would have been granted during the employee’s leave time, the employee will be given the increase and the benefits when they return to work, as required by law. Eligibility for receipt of merit increases and promotional increases will be determined by the manager upon the employee’s return.

C. Unpaid Medical Leave

Please be aware that Concero is not subject to the requirements of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Wisconsin family and medical leave laws. Except otherwise noted in an addendum accompanying this Handbook or as required by state law, Concero’s medical leaves of absence therefore are not protected leaves of absence like those under the FMLA or other state laws. At its discretion, Concero provides medical leaves of absence to eligible employees as a workplace benefit.

Concero recognizes employees may experience significant life events for which you may desire additional time away from work after you have used your available and accrued PTO. Full-Time and Part-Time Benefit Eligible Employees are eligible for a personal leave of absence for a period that will generally not exceed six (6) weeks per calendar year for your own medical treatment or condition, or the care or treatment of a family member (including step-family members) or a person who you have a close and significant relationship related to a medical condition. (Note that medical leaves pertaining to the birth, adoption or start of foster care of a child are governed by the Parental Leave Policy above.) Approved leave may be taken in one lump sum or in smaller increments.

Requests for an unpaid leave of absence must be submitted in writing to Human Resources with ample and reasonable written notice of the request, preferably no less than 30 days before the anticipated date of commencement of your leave. Each request must include the purpose and expected duration of the leave. Lack of advance notice may affect whether or not the unpaid personal leave is granted. Concero will consider all leaves of absence on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to being mindful of Concero’s needs and operations, requesting employee’s tenure and performance, and requesting employee’s job duties.

Employees must first utilize any accrued and unused PTO at the beginning of any approved unpaid leave of absence, but the use of PTO time does not lengthen the amount of approved leave. As set forth above in the PTO Policy, PTO time does not continue to accrue during an employee’s approved unpaid leave of absence.

During unpaid medical leaves, up to 6 weeks per calendar year, Concero will continue to pay the employer portion of premiums for health, dental, vision, short term disability, long term disability and group term life insurance and employees are responsible for their portion of the benefits. Concero will communicate with employees about the terms for payment of their premiums prior to the start date of the approved unpaid leave.

An employee may not be otherwise employed or serving as a consultant while on an unpaid medical leave of absence.

Return from Unpaid Medical Leave
Except otherwise noted in an addendum accompanying this Handbook or as required by state law, unpaid medical leaves of absences are not protected leaves of absences like those covered under the Family Medical Leave Act, the Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Act or other state specific family medical leaves, as may be appropriate. As such, upon an employee’s return from an unpaid leave of absence, we will make every effort to return employees to their former position. Depending upon our needs, however, the position may have been filled during the employee’s absence. In that event, Concero will try to place the employee in another position. Please note that Concero cannot guarantee that the employee’s original position or one of equivalent status, pay, schedule or benefits, will be available upon the employee’s return to work.

Employees must notify Human Resources or their manager of their intent to return to work at least two (2) business days prior to returning to work. If the reason for the leave was due to the employee’s serious health condition, the employee must provide Concero with a release from your health care provider (prior to returning to work) indicating that you are able to return to work and perform the essential functions of your position. If a release is not received, the employee’s return to work will be delayed until it is received. This is for employees’ protection and to ensure that employees are not returning to work too early.

If an employee does not return from an unpaid leave of absence and does not communicate with Concero to discuss the reason for not returning, the employee will be considered to have resigned from Concero effective the employees last day of active employment (defined as the last day worked prior to the start of your leave). In this situation, we reserve the right to recover from you any and all of the benefits premiums paid on your behalf during your leave.

D. Jury Duty

Concero understands the importance of our civic duty to serve as a juror. To assist in your performance of this important obligation, Concero will pay your regular salary for up to three (3) days while serving.

Concero reserves the right to request a copy of the jury summons. If additional time is needed, you may use PTO to extend leave or take unpaid leave.

E. Time Off to Vote

Concero supports the rights of its employees to participate in federal, state, and local elections.

All employees may, if there is insufficient time outside of their regular working hours, request time off from work to vote in an election. It is preferred that employees take the necessary time off to vote at the beginning or end of the day, whichever requires the least disruption to work, unless otherwise provided under applicable law. However, not more than 3 hours of time off will be paid.

The Company does not consider this as time worked and, therefore, this time will not be used in the calculation of overtime.
Employees must notify their manager of the intention to take voting leave at least 2 working days prior to the day of the election.

F. Bereavement Leave

Concero understands that the death of a family member and/or loved one can be an extremely difficult time. To allow you to take some time to be with your friends or family, we offer up to four (4) days of paid leave for travel and to attend bereavement-related events. Bereavement leave must be used within two weeks after the death of a family member and/or loved one. After the two week window, accrued paid time off will need to be used. Concero reserves the right to request reasonable verification of the need for bereavement leave.
If additional time is needed, you may use PTO to extend leave or take unpaid leave.

G. Other Leave

For employees working in states outside of Wisconsin, unpaid time off (or, in rare cases, paid time off) may be allowed to participate in certain activities. Leave for these activities include participating in civic duties, such as fighting wildfires, donating blood, participating in a civil air patrol, and other activities. Employees may work in states that also allow an employee to take other forms of paid or unpaid leaves of absence, including but not limited to leave for victims of domestic abuse or other crimes or to participate in a child’s required school activities. Requests for leaves of any type will be approved as required by the applicable state or local law.


Employee Acknowledgment Forms
A. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement

I understand and acknowledge that the Concero Employee Handbook provides guidelines and information but that this is not, nor is it intended to constitute, an employment contract of any kind. I understand that my employment and compensation can be terminated at the option of either Concero or me, at any time and for any reason. I understand that the Concero Employee Handbook and the Acknowledgment Form do not vary or modify the at-will employment relationship between Concero and me.

I further understand that the employment policies and practices of Concero are subject to modification, revocation, suspension, termination or change by Concero at any time with or without notice. I understand that Concero will apply such policies and practices as it deems to be in the best interest of Concero.

Without limiting the foregoing representations, I certify that I have reviewed, understand and acknowledge Concero’s policies and their applicability to my employment with Concero.

After you have reviewed the Employee Handbook, please acknowledge it below.

This acknowledgment will be filed in your personnel file.