We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we build our teams exactly to the best solution for you.

With Recruitment On-Demand® we custom build each Concero team to meet our clients’ needs. The composition of the team shifts based on the intricacies of a company as well as change to the candidate pipeline.

Concero extends our outreach efforts far beyond what typical contingent agencies can afford to offer. We reach out to each prospect no less than five times through multiple channels before we disengage. Pairing this approach with compelling messaging developed during the initial intake process allows us to effectively bring your organization more qualified, informed and interested candidates. 

If after five attempts, the prospect we are pursuing is still not interested in speaking with us about a position, we will conclude the recruitment of that candidate. However, we will continue to pursue other prospects as we work toward filling the Concero 3X-Pipeline® with three highly qualified and interested candidates for the roles you have assigned us. 

Thanks to Concero’s Recruitment-as-a-Service™ there are no placement fees.

After successfully filling the most critical positions, we move to meet the next highest priority role in the queue –– all for the same monthly fee. This model allows us to move quickly and efficiently through a high volume of roles without our clients incurring additional costs with each hire.

The flexible design of Recruitment On-Demand® is built to scale with our clients, whether they are experiencing steady growth or unplanned, high-volume hiring. While we set an initial number of roles to tackle at once, we fill these positions continually on a rolling basis. Once a hire is made and a position is filled, we then bring next-priority roles up in the queue with no additional placement fee, thanks to our Recruitment-as-a-Service™ subscription-based payment model.

Our team delivers detailed, transparent reports to our clients each week. This data-driven approach gives clients a real-time, honest view of the total prospect pool, as well as thorough activity summaries for each role. With this information, Concero builds a pipeline profile that establishes the number of qualified prospects, their position in the hiring process and interest level among other valuable metrics.

Concero’s full services include data-driven market feedback and reporting, tailored consulting services and process improvement for our clients. However, perhaps our most valuable offering outside of sourcing candidates is the ability to redirect a client’s energy from finding top talent to the other ongoings of growing a successful company. We handle the hiring so you can do what you do best: run a thriving business. With more nuanced, personalized support than offered by contingent firms, Concero delivers uniquely effective and efficient results for every client, tailored to their unique needs.

As part of our Recruitment On-Demand® service offering, Concero guarantees your company three highly qualified, interested & motivated candidates to fill each position you assign us. Due to many factors out of our control, we cannot guarantee actual hires.

If one of our sourced candidates leaves the company, we will start to seek a replacement at no additional fee, so long as you are still subscribed to our Recruitment On-Demand® service.