Using Data To Maximize Recruitment

At Concero, we use our industry leading talent acquisition platform to track a variety of metrics that help explain our recruitment activities to our clients. Unlike contingent agencies, we deliver these measurements to our clients via weekly reports to keep the recruiting process transparent and efficient. These data-driven updates provide clients with a real-time, honest view of prospect activity, candidate response rate, the makeup of the talent pipeline, and other valuable metrics. Concero reports create detailed activity summaries for each role, highlighting the interest levels, intentions and qualifications of candidates in the pipeline. Using these measurements, we show our clients what stage of the recruiting process each prospect is at — from identifying the talent to making our contact — as well as what number of candidates are rejected or invited to continue. For prospects that move forward, we show clients the number of candidates in each recruitment phase: “Chase,” “Screen,” and “Client Review.”

Mapping The Passive Market

Concero’s data-driven strategy also gives us the tools and expertise necessary to attract passive talent that is currently happy in another role. We advocate for our clients and convey why a new position is advantageous for a prospect — more so, it’s the best opportunity they weren’t looking for.
Our most effective step for accessing this passive market is to utilize talent mapping to chart a segment of the population and determine the best fit for our client’s open position. Although the amount of data on the talent pool has grown significantly in recent years, the staff at Concero has a unique expertise that makes this otherwise time-consuming and extensive task manageable for our clients. We sift through the available information with a keen eye and a touch of artistry to create workable talent mapping results that fuel our hiring solutions.

Creating A Feedback Loop

This information also functions alongside Concero’s detailed market insights to explain the “why” behind pipeline trends. Our team members are experts in using data in real-time to ensure recruitment efforts that yield great results. As we begin to contact mapped prospects, Concero records and analyzes all responses — positive and negative — to best align the talent market with our client’s hiring profile.

If, for example, we discover 20 qualified candidates that meet the hiring profile, yet are not interested, we address their reasoning with the client immediately. This practice uses prospect feedback to enable real-time adjustments to hiring criteria. Fueled with this data, we can advise clients on how to modify elements of their profile (such as geographic demands, expertise, or compensation) to better reach the best-fitting talent.

We also use our detailed, data-driven reporting to provide our 3X-Pipeline™ guarantee. This promises our clients three highly qualified, interested and motivated candidates to fill each position assigned to us. Our data and recruitment knowledge allows us to make this commitment with certainty and fill your candidate pipeline with a large selection of qualified candidates only 15 days after our intake call.

Our signature reports are integral to successfully making high-quality hires for our clients while minimizing their costs. These insights assist our Concero team in efficiently locating the best talent and securing their placement with our client.