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This Software Company Hired an Entire Elite Sales Team For Its Enterprise Division In Record Time – Then That Team Set Another Record…

They added $40 million to Aspect Software’s sales pipeline in just a few months – less than half the usual sales cycle. All this happened with the help of Concero, as they quickly filled Aspect’s urgent need for 10 highly qualified sales professionals using their Recruitment On-Demand™ business model.



Internal Bandwidth

Aspect lacked the internal resources to hire and onboard 10 new hires in less than 10 weeks.

Role Familiarity

Aspect had limited experience with recruiting for the specific new sales profile they desired.

Unknown Market Conditions

Aspect had only partial knowledge of the current market conditions and demand for the sales people matching the new profile.

A Brand “Under the Radar”

Potential candidates were not aware that Aspect had recently transformed their product offerings to include cloud technologies. They were also unfamiliar with Aspect’s well-established reputation as a market leader.

Client Profile

Aspect Software is a leading global software provider for omni-channel customer engagement including contact center and workforce optimization solutions.


Global Fortune 100 companies including:
Apple, FedEx, Microsoft, Citi and Daimler


Phoenix, Arizona


Although Aspect had a seasoned sales force for their legacy offering of on-premise software for call centers, they needed a new sales team dedicated to handle their newly expanded line of cloud-based contact center and workforce optimization solutions. For this new go-to-market strategy, they required a sales force familiar with selling enterprise-level, cloud-based software using modern selling techniques, and with a proven track record of landing new accounts for new products.

Aspect’s greatest obstacle was a lack of internal recruiting bandwidth well versed in this new role that could deliver a qualified 10-person sales team quickly. Company executives needed it all done within just a 2-1⁄2 month window, so they could start the new year with the new sales people in place, and enable the company to hit its revenue goals for the next fiscal year.

Aspect needed to augment its in-house recruiters with a partner who could steer them quickly to the most qualifed candidates, without wasting time or resources sifting through hundreds of less relevant resumes.

They selected Concero to help them meet their ambitious, time-driven hiring goal. Our reputation at Concero as a specialized rm recruiting top sales professionals specifically for the cloud-based software industry made us a perfect fit.

Aspect partnered with Concero to create a winning recruitment strategy that set them apart from their competitors.

“It’s the first time that I’ve had an outside agency act more like an internal arm of my recruiting staff. They had direct communication with the sales leadership. They knew who they were, what their vision looked like, how to position and sell that to candidates, and how to match against it, not just from a technical skill set but also the intangibles.”

Bryan Gillespie, Aspect Director of Talent Acquisition


“The more data that was shared, the more dialogue we had about what we were looking for, the more streamlined the screening process became. So now instead of doing 100 interviews to find 5 people, we only had to do 25 interviews to find 5 people because it was a dedicated pool.”

Todd Smith, Aspect VP of Sales

Accelerated the hiring process by quickly getting up to speed on Aspect’s business.

Concero spearheaded several meetings with key senior-level executives. Using our proprietary intake process as a baseline, we conducted an in-depth inventory of Aspect’s business challenges, sales strategy, market outlook, and key position requirements.

This enabled us to develop a shared understanding of Aspect’s key recruiting needs. The background information we gathered played a critical role in helping us to craft a compelling story to entice prospective candidates to Aspect, their products, and the new sales team.

Todd Smith, Aspect’s VP of Sales pointed out that Concero’s efforts to “go in-depth on who we were looking for and what we were trying to accomplish” allowed Concero to “identify people who met those parameters… expediting the process because the leads that were coming to us were already qualified.”

Mobilized a multi-disciplinary team to research, identify and recruit ideal prospects.

Aspect was attracted by Concero’s unique Recruitment On-DemandTM project-based approach that gave them full access to a whole team of experienced recruiters for the help they needed. Recruitment On-Demand uses an integrated, collaborative method which differed from the approach used by other firms Aspect had engaged.

Concero assigned a team of experienced recruiters and researchers to search for potential candidates, gather contact information, and engage in direct outreach. Although the search was conducted nationwide, our industry knowledge and breadth of experience helped us zero in on the right profiles in key locations likely to yield positive results.

Increased top-of-the-funnel candidate flow.

Salespeople that close multi-million-dollar enterprise- level technology sales are in high demand, receiving dozens of pitches per week. Taking a highly targeted approach to sourcing allowed us to quickly fill the top of Aspect’s recruiting funnel.

This involved crafting highly personalized, relevant, and timely messaging across multiple channels including email, phone, and social. Every pitch was tailored to appeal to each candidate’s individual needs and overcome their objections related to compensation, products, and team.

We tapped our existing network and database of top sales talent and used our proprietary Concero 5-Touch OutreachTM process to ensure that every prospect was thoroughly informed of the opportunity.

Provided Aspect with real-time market insights and feedback.

Weekly standing meetings with Aspect allowed us to continue to refine the recruiting profile, share critical market feedback, and review active candidates. During our conversations we shared candidate feedback on compensation, Aspect’s products, and how the market perceived Aspect as a company. We also discussed the size of the talent pool, the depth of experience within key markets, and the current availability of the A-players.


Successfully recruited a new sales team.

Although the time-to-fill industry average for a technology salesperson is 60 days, Concero was able to ll the candidate pipeline in only 7 days. Nine new hires were onboarded before year end with the last one starting shortly after.

Even though Aspect’s previous average sales cycle was 7 to 14 months, their sales pipeline increased by over $40 million in just a few months after the new team was in place proving that not only did Concero help Aspect hire quickly, but the quality of hire led to significantly increase Aspect’s time-to-revenue.

Concero’s distinctive Recruitment-as-a-Service™ model allowed Aspect to pay a flat subscription fee (like the cloud-based licensing model they offer to their own customers) rather than the traditional high-cost placement commission charged by most recruiting rms. This approach brings even more value to the relationship and ensures only the highest quality candidates are presented saving Aspect both time and money.

“When you have the right people, things move faster. With the help of Concero we were able to get the right people, put them in the right roles and now they are ramping up much faster than what we had seen in the past.”

Todd Smith, Aspect VP of Sales

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