WisBusiness: The Podcast with Amy Arenz, CEO of Concero

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This week’s episode of “WisBusiness: The Podcast” is with Amy Arenz, CEO of Concero, a recruitment consulting firm that works in the software and technology space.

The Madison company doesn’t recruit software programmers and others for the technical side of these businesses, although Arenz said that’s a potential area of growth. For now, Concero focuses on recruiting for senior executive positions in sales and marketing.

“That’s why being here in Madison works, because it’s not necessarily recruiting for companies at their corporate sites, which would be San Francisco or the Bay Area for us,” she said. “It’s challenging; the market is tight and there’s a high demand for this talent.”

She says Concero differentiates itself from competitors both by the “years of experience we have, and the tools we use.”

“We work with some of the top 100 software companies globally; we also work with early stage Series A and Series B startups, so there’s a broad range,” she said. “We are partnered very close with the venture capital firms in the Bay Area, so we help a lot of those companies that don’t have that recruiter in house.”

Concero, which started in 2010, is continuing to grow in Madison. The company opened its Chicago office about a year and a half ago, and more recently opened an office in Oakland, Calif., last month.

“We’re going to continue to grow in this niche space, as well as we have plans to grow and also support technical recruiting,” she said. “Some of the programmers, developers — we don’t service our clients’ needs there now, but I do see that as an area for growth.” 

Listen to the podcast below, sponsored by UW-Madison: 

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Amy Arenz

Concero CEO, Founder